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We hereby intend to give you introductory information about the activities and premises of Mizsei Co. Ltd.

Mizsei Co. Ltd. was founded by Mr. Károly Borbély and Károlyné Borbély in 1991 with the aim to satisfy a part of the customer's needs arisen in the ironware and technical parts business, with products from their own production manufactured at their premises.

From that time, Mizsei Co. Ltd. have managed to establish and operate a building material yard in Lajosmizse, an ironware and technical parts department store named 'OTTHON', an iron- and steelware trading yard in Kecskemét, metal parts production workshops in Szekszárd and in Cibakháza, and a hot-dip galvanization workshop in Lajosmizse.

The activity field of Mizsei Co. Ltd. spreads from production to retail trade of mainly products for steel industry.

Main products and services:

  • Production of pipes and closed steel sections (gauge 1.2 - 8 mm)
  • Split strip steel production from steel roll (gauge 0.9-4 mm; width 19-960 mm)
  • Hot-dip galvanized pedestals and floor supports for building industry
  • Other ironmongery products, containers, stocks, fence elements, etc.
  • Machining and milling with NC and CNC machines
  • Surface treatment - Hot-dip galvanization


  • Sales of fuel and building material
  • Yard for cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel and iron products
  • Shop of technical parts

For more information, please select the relevant activity or field of activity you are interested in.

Mizsei Co. Ltd. with their complex activity and quality products acknowledged in the whole Europe, supply a wide national and export market. Based on serious references, they deserve the trust, which forms the basis of a new business relationship.

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